17 Feb 2017

Your home is beyond just four walls and it should reflect more of your personality. Like many things in life, a home is more than the sum of its parts. While the building blocks of a home remain the same, it is the elements like the floors and walls create the differentiation.

RMD gives you options for wood finish wall panels that can stylistically reflect your unique passion. Similar to floors, a wall covering strategy really sets the scene in a room, providing an identity to it around which the rest of decor tends to follow.


Here are six reasons why you should considering wood panelling for your wall treatment and beyond, all across your home.

  1. Versatile

Although we may associate it first and foremost with wood cabins and cozy living rooms, wood can be a great option for virtually any space. From the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond, wood panelling can work as a high-drama feature or a subtle background, so it’s worth thinking about for literally anywhere.

  1. Textural

If wood panelling is accented with a little colour, the space feels like it has plenty of character and life. The texture of wood panelling on any wall, adds interest automatically.


  1. Unique

Since no true wood planks are exactly the same, every panelled wall will also be unique. Whether you choose a wild or exotic walnut or bamboo, an understated classic like maple or oak, the appeal will be one of a kind and therefore a beautiful timeless investment.

  1. Natural

One of the best features of wood panelling is the natural effect it can add to a space. It’s more inviting than drywall, less fussy than wallpaper, and not overwhelming like many “hot” paint colours can be.

  1. Classic

So much of the beauty and the sense of luxury of elegant traditional spaces come from the depth that layered wall panelling provides. Be it a professional’s study room or a beauty parlour, intricate wall panelling gives true timelessness like no other.


  1. Trendy

In addition to its potential for great traditional appeal, your sleek wood panels can also be the perfect addition to a modern, contemporary, or transitional space as well, bringing an architectural sensibility that’s right at home with clean lines and minimalistic furnishings.

Eco-friendly options.

A big trend in the coming months is the focus on eco-friendly interior design materials. From Decorative Wall Panels that offer world-class designs, to Marble Wall covering in customized designs and image of your choice to False Ceilings that offer flexibility to create various harmonious patterns in line with the wall decor, your designer will unleash your  imagination to conjure up various possibilities with applications.

One of the leading names in the UAE market is the acclaimed RMD Board with its

Eco-friendly engineered material loaded with features, making the possibilities of building your interiors aesthetically easy and fun.

RMD opens up more possibilities

RMD’s wall paneling is designed for easy installation and this certainly makes a renovation project much less daunting. Our range of options helps designers, decorators, homeowners to express a greater range of wall panel themes to capture more personality in a space.

More detail, more demand, more options with RMD.

If you are looking to create a striking contrast, or to establish a specific theme, the RMD innovation that goes into the production of 21st century wall panels truly raises the bar. With RMD wood paneling, you can create truly trendy spaces that are easy to install.

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About RMD Board

RMD Board is a new Engineered GenNext material manufactured from Polypropylene (PP), which is revolutionizing the construction & interior decoration industry. RMD Board products, a result of relentless R&D endeavours, are available in different variants in terms of applications, sizes, finishes, textures. The products offer unparalleled blend of Functionalities, Aesthetics and Ease of Installation with substantial savings in labour & time costs. They are Light weight but strong, Waterproof, Termite proof, Scratch resistant, Inert to most chemicals and offer excellent sound absorption, weather ability and fire resistance

Today, RMD Board products find host of applications in various sectors such as Construction, Interior Decoration, Furniture, Packaging, Automotive, Marine and more.

Learn more at: RMDBoard.com

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