Site fencing

Whether its your construction site, residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure project, you look for a fencing material that is multi-purpose and durable…with attributes that address your specific needs, besides beautifying your periphery and adding aesthetic value to your structure.

RMD Site Fencing Panel is a futuristic, engineering-perfected material that is truly a class apart. With the possibility of printing, deco-lamination, reusability and functionality; it sets new standards in fencing solutions.

RMD Site Fencing Panels are engineered products made from virgin Polypropylene (PP), that are lightweight but tough, withstanding extreme weather conditions on a continuous basis. They are designed to ensure dimensional integrity and protection against light and heat to be endured in service life. They can be used multiple times without damage. They have been tried in field successfully over two years in Dubai where maximum temperature has reached up to 52 C with bright sunlight (annual radiant exposure of about 7000 MegaJoules/ mt2). These panels can withstand minimum temperatures of -20 C. Besides, they offer new age option that gives you the opportunity for own branding at construction sites.

• Lightweight
• Easy to clean
• 100% Waterproof
• Long Life with High Reusability
• Recyclable
• Higher Salvage Value
• Corona Treated
• All Weather proof
• Surface Offering Excellent Printability
• Stickers Compatible
• Enchancing Brand Equity
• Quick & Easy to Install