Shuttering Panel range

If you are a builder, you’d know that shuttering systems form the backbone of every form work. Traditional systems are inexpensive but the wear-and-tear rate and related costs are high too. At the same time, newer materials and technologies offer quality, features and longevity of product life cycle; but are dauntingly expensive.

RMD Shuttering Panels are the new-age, middle-of-the-road option that offer value-for-money like traditional materials, plus all the advantages of GenNext materials. You can truly Experience Innovation with our ecoboard that offers the right functionality embedded with core structural strength and cost-effectiveness needed by builders to optimize their construction budgets. RMD Shuttering Panels are a featherweight, green-option with an almost-zero attrition rate, reusability and ease of stacking, installation and removal that is truly unrivaled.

RMD Shuttering Panels can be used from both sides and for more than 200 cycles” and subsequently the material can be recycled for other applications. RMD Shuttering Panels are provided with special built-in metal bushes for nail fixing in wooden frames through them. Location and number of bushes can be altered depending on need and number of Shuttering Panels. Proper use of this feature can enhance repeated usage of the RMD Shuttering Panels.

Thus, RMD Shuttering Panels offer substantial cost advantages due to lower transportation and labor cost per usage vis-a-vis other materials apart from additional benefit of the mirror finish of the slab which does not require further painting or plastering.

RMD Shuttering Panels made from virgin Polypropylene (PP), the wonder material, have no detrimental effect of water and alkalinity of cement mix and are designed to counter sagging from multiple usage. Compression and Flexural properties of RMD Shuttering Panels are at par with 18mm thick wet plywood. They can be cut on site easily in any size and shape for odd sizes and spaces for columns and beams.

•  Long Life and High Reusability from Both Sides
•  Lightweight
•  100% Waterproof
•  Strong
•  Thermal Shock Resistant
•  Durable Stainless Steel Bushes for Securing Nailing
•  No Molding Oil Required
•  Washable
•  Gives Mirror Finish to concrete surfaces
•  High Salvage Value
•  Recyclable