When you choose anti-skid flooring you look for features that best suit your requirements keeping in mind your operations, floor-load, wear-and-tear, movement of men and materials, fire-safety and above all aesthetics, hygiene and easy maintenance. That’s why RMD Anti-Skid Flooring has been thoughtfully Engineered to Perfection so that you have all the features you ever wanted at your fingertips.

With its varied applications in diverse sectors and industries, RMD Anti-Skid Flooring is an ecoboard with its anti-skid surface apt for Beverage Industries, Automobiles, Air bridges, Malls, Railway Coaches, Hotel Kitchens, Bathrooms, Shops, Gymnasiums, Swimming Pool decks and Jogging Tracks. Experience Innovation in a single product with multiple application possibilities in various sectors and industries.

• Anti-skid Surface
• Washable
• 100% Waterproof
• Can withstand Heavy Traffic
• Highly Durable
• Enhancing Brand Equity
• Easy to Fix
• High Salvage Value
• Recyclable
• Can be made Fire Retardant

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