04 Jan 2017

We all appreciate a well designed home. But what is it that really stands out the most?

The walls and spacing.

Very often, wall décor and painting is left for the very end of designing spaces. What most don’t realise is that it is one of the most prominent features of any space. Here are some facts about interior designing that you probably didn’t know.

  • Interior design is about working with your vision and enhancing it.

Whether you are clueless about designing the interiors of your space or have some experience, interior design is about envisioning and creating a great balance, personality and mood for utilising a particular room. It can get difficult to choose a solution for wall surfaces and panels while keeping in mind design and functionality. This is where RMD wall coverings and panels offer designers, architects and contractors an easy solution to choose the perfect wall surfaces. RMD’s versatility in customized designs of marble, granite or stone-finish also satisfy the need for a layer of beauty and sophistication to spaces. It is the epitome of functionality and its ease-of-installation, making it the perfect material to use in kitchens, bathrooms and long corridors of residential and commercial complexes.

  • Interior design is not the same as interior décor.

Many think that interior design and décor imply the same thing. Many also think that interior design is simply about choosing furniture, accessories and decor. While that classifies as interior decoration; interior design is about evaluating and using space in terms of practicality and visual aesthetics.A space can look cluttered or decluttered, which can sometimes bring different moods- productive or unproductive, fresh, relaxing or lounge like. It all depends on what you choose. Well utilized spaces often bring out the personality of that particular room along with the right comfortability and functionality. RMD boards specialises in having versatility for wall panels, wall covers,false ceilings and so much more to help you bring out the right atmosphere to a space .

  • Choose a themed colour/design for your chosen room and working around it.

Having a base colour/design brings unity to multiple rooms under the same roof. However, each room can show its own personality by working based on a themed colour. One more way of bringing a theme and feel of unity, is by using similar or one style and color of flooring throughout. Color/design can be used to brighten a dark room or cool down a room In fact, they can influence the mood at a psychological level. Imagine a work office with lavender walls…your productivity would not be the same as with light blue walls.
RMD boards offer an added layer of luxury to spaces with its wide and customizable selection of wall coverings, panels and false ceilings that are termite proof, fire retardant, 100% waterproof, scratch and tear resistant and so much more. Take a look at the pre-designed selections here. You might even find the perfect choice.

  • Interior design is often inspired by things around us.

Some of the best interior designs have been inspired from nature and everyday objects; bringing spaces to life. Even then, choosing the right inspiration for the right space and wall can make a great difference. Some of our wall panels, coverings and ceilings are inspired from wood, marble and stone. These coverings and panel selections, along with features such as termite proof, fire retardant and materials being bio-degradable make it closer to nature compared to using products and materials that are not natural today.

  • Interior designs can be simple.

The words interior design often paint the imagination of a modern, sophisticated, stylish room. Interior design doesn’t always have to involve pocket gauging walls and décor or even furnishings.More often than not, it is actually just working on a simple and effective look. Indeed, seldom it is simplicity that works best. Apart from its range of simplistic to classy selection of wall panels, coverage and ceiling; RMD boards provide simple flooring and construction solutions that are effective and serve its purpose, such as shuttering panel ranges, fencing panels, anti-skid flooringand automobile carpeting.  

  • If it isn’t comfortable, don’t go for it.

Interior design does not have to take trend and creativity to the extreme where a room looks absolutely great, but far from comfortable. You may show people an insight to your spending power, but not how inviting and comfortable it feels to be in that room or space.After all, whether you’re in an office, home, restaurant, at the doctors or a show- have you ever been happy feeling uncomfortable. RMD products are bound to appeal to the modern designer, architect and contractor as they are specially thought of, designed and manufactured to meet your highest standards in terms of functionality, comfort and design.

  • Every detail counts.

When it comes to decoration it’s easy to take details such as walls, spacing and doors for granted; which can reverse the impact you want to create in a given space.But when it comes to interior design, the smaller details will come together exceptionally well as the final result; especially when those details are carefully added in. Texture, material, finish, colour, design and placement are all important aspects of details that RMD products provide. Take a look at RMD’s wide variety of detailed wall coverings, here for wall panels and here for false ceilings to choose from.


  • Nature made products lasts longer.

A lot of nature made products have the potential to last a long time, compared to products made out of cheap and non-durable materials. They can even be environment friendly.
Nature made products can be quite the trendy addition to any space. Using even one or two naturally made items is definitely the way to go today. What’s even better is that they have increased durability and product life time.

  • Interior design also includes consideration for functionality of specific spaces.

Interior design is not only for designing home and office spaces. Interior design applies to spaces requiring specialized performance, business and more.A designer will have to consider designing a hospital specific to their needs, involving some level of creativity. A designer designing a laboratory will have separate considerations too. The field of interior designing also requires an interior designer to be adept in science and technology, and be creative at the same time. At RMD apart from catering to designers, architects and contractors for home and office spaces, we provide products for construction (shuttering panels and site fencing), automobiles, and spaces that need anti-skid flooring.

  • Eco friendly products and materials are on the rise in interior design.

Eco-friendly interior design and products keep in consideration the health and environmental impact materials make on the planet. Adding eco-friendly design and décor makes a space pop. What makes it more desirable is that it is sustainable. The benefits of green interior design includes low maintenance cost, better quality, has better waste management, can be energy efficient as well as recyclable. RMD products are made from polypropylene, are recyclable, have a high salvage value, uses environment friendly adhesive for installation and have incredible features like these.
RMD Boards is your way of making a sustainable yet trendy statement.

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